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HDD Data Recovery

Has your hard drive stopped working? Don't panic, we are here to help you!

We offers data recovery from all brands of hard drives; whether these be an internal hard drives or an external hard drives our technical team successfully recovers from all these hard drives. We use the best and the latest data recovery tools and utilities, as well as highly trained data recovery technicians to ensure your best chance of success.


Is your home business, small business or family looking for Laptop Windows Upgrade, We provide a range of Laptop and Desktop Windows Upgrade services. If your computer isn’t up to the tasks, we can update or upgrade it and get it working the way you want it to. One of our highly skilled and knowledgeable Laptop Windows Upgrade staff will come to your home or office and solve your problem, install your equipment or provide you with whatever Laptop Windows Upgrade you need.


We provide same day in-home support to all our clients, customers and business partners. Our dedicated 24/7 helpdesk teams begin working on a solution to all your IT problems and issues the day you bring them to us. We are always happy to repair your devices in our workshop, but we understand that sometimes it may not be convenient for you to bring it to us. So we are happy to come to you and do the work in your own home.